Thursday, 8 July 2010

Child Star Planners

Described as an aid to everyday parenting and an ideal gift to last a lifetime, the Child Star Planners Guide gives a remarkable insight into your child's personailty.    Admitting to being a little sceptic when the topic was first raised during a casual conversation with a fellow mum from school, I agreed to Stephanie's kind offer to write a plan for my twins. I was not prepared for what she wrote.    Bare in mind at the time Stephanie was a casual aquaintance, she knew very little about me or my family except for the fact that my eldest son played as a team mate (not a close friend) in the same cricket team with her son at school.
Taking only the date, time, place, sex and names of the twins Stephanie told me she would have a plan written within the week.  Approx 35 pages including explanatory introduction.  The book starts with key words, ruling planet, and element. Stephanie begins with your child's needs, moves onto their nature, health,wealth ( Hubby was particularly interested in this section) likes, talents, their journey through life. A summary of helpful hints (do's and dont's) and a Summary.  It was packed full of accurate descriptions & interesting insights into the personalities of the twins and a book I get out for a quick read again and again.  I was so impressed I gave her a testimonal for her website. 
A wonderful unique idea for a gift or just a special keepsake for you and your child.
Currently running a special Summer Madness offer why don't you just pop over and read more on this fascinating subject.

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