Sunday, 11 July 2010

Street Style Kids

Often when I am out and about with the twins I am asked where I buy their clothes from or how great they look.  All the photo's I use to sell clothes on my website are friends of my children or mum's from school.  Yesterday I saw a really cool looking mummy with her equally fab looking children.  The little boy had a great straw trilby on ( new post coming soon about my love of hats and Winter predictions) , too late I realised I should have spoken to her and asked for a picture. Lying in bed last night unable to sleep with the usual stuff fighting in my head I though what a great idea to have a STREET STYLE PAGE on my blog for children.  There are many sites dedicated to adult street style but apart from the awsome Plant Awsome Kids in America I have yet to come across one in the UK. 
So here's the plan.  I would love you to send pictures of your little darlings in their coolest outfits. They don't have to be expensive designer pieces, just how you (or they) put the outfits together. You must be the parent guardian of the child(ren) or have consent to send me the pics. I'll post them in a gallery on my Street style kids page and if it takes off I may well develop it into a monthly prize for best pic.
To get started please post a comment and email your pic to 


  1. Karen I honestly think this is a genius idea! will defo send you some. it cud really take off!:)

  2. This is wicked! Love the idea, will see what I can find :)

  3. Hi Helen and Fiona
    Many thanks, I love to see kids dressed in stylish quirky clothes. Can also link it to facebook pages so all can see if you like ?
    Karen xx

  4. THis is a fab idea! I can't wait to see the stylish little ones!
    Hope you have had a great weekend

  5. What a great idea - I will have to see if I can get my two little boys to stay still long enough to take a cute photo!

  6. Hi Karen. My little baby recently got some cool hats from ohbabylondon. I am going to email one to you :)




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