Saturday, 17 July 2010


With the twins room nearly complete (will vlog sometime soon) I turned my attention to finding gorgeous bits and bobs to complete the look.  The Owl trend is still all over the place and looks set not to go away anytime soon.  Here are a few of my favourite Owl pieces of the moment ( I got a bit distracted not just for kids) :

For the Urber cool new mummy , Owl Breastfeeding top by Mama Feels Good £19.99 . Pop over and take a look at this gorgeous site 

This little fella will look great sat on a chair in the twins room.  Hand Screen Printed Owl in Yellow, available from a lovely new UK store on Etsy called RobinandMould   Approx £16.50

Gorgeous Owl Print romper by Snoffs Design at Nordic Kids  £20.99

Wanting something a bit different from the normal "boy" room pictures I came across Love Sugar Design  they have lots and lots of prints to choose from and will ship Worldwide. At such a great price you can update prints regularly


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  1. I really like the owl toy/cushion what a great item for a kids room.



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