Sunday, 24 April 2011

Always been stylish me !

I am feeling particularly frumpy and out of sorts with my fashion these days. There never seems enough time to "think" about the clothes I wear. It wasn't always this way, so when I saw the April Tots100 blog hop I though it might be fun to show you just what a style icon I was back in the day !  ( remember these photographs were taken 30 years ago - gulp).

I was no Private Benjamin. 1979 aged 17 years in basic training for the army. They made us wear our P.E. Skirts for the two weeks until our uniform was tailored. Look how shiny my shoes are. All my own work, spent hours and hours of spit and polish bulling them.

1981 The coolest girl on the base ! Horrible itchy acrylic woolly jumper tucked into my high waisted jeans, coolest of cool leg warmers pushed down (of course) and pixie boots (the first time around) leaning ever so casually against the bonnet of my boyfriends yellow golf of was it a polo ? can't remember. The hairstyle of the day Joanne Catherall of the Human League of course !

1982 wearing the biggest style statement of the year courtesy of Kevin Rowland from Dexy's Midnight runners. Dungaree's! I had 4 pairs in different colours and also colour co-ordinated the tops ! Look at the telephone on the wall in my mum's house. ha!

1982 Then it all went horribly wrong ! Somebody told me having a perm would be good for my fine flyaway hair. I duly went to a German hairdresser on the base in Rhinedahlen and came out looking like a poodle! I was totally distraught, I ran all the way back to my room crying and spent two days trying to wash the perm out. Of course it only made it worse. When my boyfriend first saw me he turned and ran off! I ended up marrying him, should of known the marriage would be doomed from the start!

So there you go That's my Tots100 blog hop post.


  1. Lol!! Thanks for sharing! You look awesome in your uniform x

  2. ha, thanks sweetie. Can't believe how young I look. xx

  3. Oh takes me back, you look fab! Great pair of pins on you :-) x

  4. Ah the '80s! Permed hair, shoulder pads, big shirts-- why did any of us think that looked good?! My photos from that decade are scary.

  5. Thanks ladies, glad I am not the only one who was there ! xx

  6. Good Gawd Your legs go on for miles!
    You did the 80's in style my dear :)

  7. Nickie - haha! They did now they are a little more chubby. I have put on over 2 stone since those days : ( xx

  8. I love your changing hairstyles. Looks like you were always destined to work with fashion and clothes!



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