Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Cinema Paradiso

We watch a LOT of films in our house.  It is one of the few "pastimes" I can still share with all the members of my family together or as individuals.  When I was asked if I would like to review Cinema Paradiso free DVD Rental  for three months I was only to happy to give it ago.


I would not usually go for this type of service, receiving DVD's in the post and then having to go to the effort of posting them back, always seemed like a chore, preferring to select a film from the payview channels on my tv instead, but this can get very expensive and we have to limit ourselves.  I have to say this is a much cheaper option (obviously free during the trial) at only £8.16  per month for four rentals when the trial ends.

The website is clear, well set out and really easy to navigate, you can select by language (subtitled in an endless list of languages), hot lists, top 100, collections, award winners, or film explorer.

Under film explorer you can select by new, all, coming soon or in cinemas.

There are over 20 categories of Genre, including : children & family, classic, Indian cinema, adult it goes on and on. Something to suit everybody.

To start receiving discs, I had to create a list of films we wanted to watch. When you find a particular title either by searching through the catalogue or choosing from the collections, click the 'Add' button to add title to your list. You can add unlimited number of disc to your rental list.  Then on a regular bases top up your list with new titles to ensure you are sent your priority titles on time. I recommend keeping your list updated with about 25 titles to make sure you get the best possible allocation.

Once you receive your membership confirmation email, you then are sent your first disc or discs in the post.  They arrived in flimsy white paper envelopes, I was amazed by this .  You open down the perforated section and the disc was inside a plastic cover.  Both films worked perfectly well, I suppose I expected them not to after the trauma of the royal mail !  The envelope is a clever little design, its reversible with a return address on the inside cover so after you watch the film, you just pop it back in the envelope, remove the self seal strip, stick it down and FREEPOST it back.  Now as I go to the post office nearly every day, its proved no hassle at all to return the discs.  Even if you don't it would be really easy to just plop in a postbox on the morning school run or on your way to work.

You can keep the discs as long as you like, there are no late fees YIPEEE! Being a busy working mum and family this is where I was always falling foul of video clubs. 

Once Cinema Paradiso receive your disc back they then send you another selection from your list.  Ours usually arrive the next or second day after we post back!  Really quick, efficient, no hassle service.

I would highly recommend you take a look, only one little downside I would mention is the choice needs to be bigger, but I can appreciate this will probably improve as the service grows.


  1. I reviewed this too but found the choice of films weren't great. I don't think I'll be renewing. x

  2. Hi Susan, I felt the same as I mentioned but I am sure this will improve as the company develops. Overall as a product and service though I felt it was really easy to use, efficient and hassle free : ) xx



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