Friday, 22 April 2011

WorldFoods Fusion of Flavours

I still think they sent me the email by mistake and will at any minute realise and withdraw the invitation.  Those who know me will know that cooking is not my *cough* strong point or rather something  I can, but prefer not to do.  I blame years of being waited on in the Army Mess.  

Anyway until I'm thrown out of this exclusive and rather imposing club I will continue to masquarade as someone who cooks and reveal my kitchen as requested.

Can you spot whats missing ?

There it is !  The essential cooker and hob.  Apologies for the microwave, we really don't use it that often .  If you look closely you might spot the Marie Claire cookery books ontop of it, never use them, just bought them because they have pretty cover pictures that match the colour of my kitchen.   The sign on the wall ?  Says it all really : Coffee, Tea or ME !

I love vintage and thrifted household items.  Here are a selection that I have out on display.   You can follow the progress of the renovation of our home on my The White Approach   blog.

So there you go.  My kitchen. Take a minute to pop over and like the WORLDFOODS fusion of flavours facebook page and you will also be able to follow us as we cook (or attempt to) our way to Asian cooking heaven !


  1. Love your kitchen Karen, I dream about kitchens like yours, all tidy and white! Look forward to chatting with you about World Fusion of Flavours soon :) Thanks for taking the time to comment on my post too!

  2. Hi Jo, ah bless thank you for commenting. So nice to meet new people through blogging. My kitchen really isn't as impressive as the pictures might suggest : ) xx

  3. Eeeek - your kitchen is beautiful!!!! That is very much my taste too but it will be a while before I can have a kitchen like that - gorgeous!

  4. PDNFTA - Love the name of your blog by the way : ) Many thanks for taking the time to comment. It has taken us 6 years working on a very tight budget to get the kitchen looking like this and guess what ? We are now talking about taking a wall down and opening out the kitchen dining area space ! (if we can get an RSJ and legal stuff done cheap enough ) xx



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