Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Celebrate the wedding in Red, White & Blue

I know we all say it about our own children, but really, how GORGEOUS does my eldest son look wearing one of the Ralph Lauren Tees just in ! 

Available in Patriotic Red, White and Blue, they will be on the website in time to celebrate the Royal Wedding.


  1. Gosh your son is very handsome!

    Those shirts are fab, but having just come inside from a painting session covered in paint I would probably have to go for dark blue!

  2. Isn't he just ! ha! we all think our own children are gorgeous but he looks really fab in this picture.
    oooh, what have you been painting ?
    Just popped over to your blog and absolutely LOVE the header. Will go back soon for a proper read. xx

  3. He is VERY handsome! The t-shirts are fab too xx

  4. aww, thank you honey. I am biased, but yes he is isn't he : ) xx



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