Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Is now the right time ?

I have to admit to thriving on a challenge.   

I am always looking for more ways to make a living.  Sales of my childrens clothes in my Ebay Shop and website have taken a bit of a nose dive in the last year.  In some way due to the recession I am sure, but also if I am honest, because I haven't given that aspect of my business the attention I should have. 

I get distracted by new ideas and bored by old ones.  I have a typical Gemini Mind.

Last year I launched my own small range of Milly by the Sea clothes for little girls, it was well received and I had lots of ideas but not the money required to produce all the items I would have liked or to follow up the range. 

The clothes are hand crafted in England and it was important for me to be able to sell them at an affordable price.  A tough call.  Anyone who is involved in the manufacture of goods in the UK will know that its impossible to compete with the mass produced rates overseas manufacturers offer.  So inevitably there was little profit for me and I decided to put Milly to bed for the time being until hopefully I was in a position to develop and market the range properly.

I would dearly love to wake Milly up now, but as I also have another idea on the back boiler at the moment coming as a result of my new and second blog The White Approach (yes, another one) is it the right time ?  Should I just concentrate on one business ?

Or is this how I should be thinking in these tough times ? Running several different concerns to appeal to as many people as possible ? 

Is this Entrepreneurial Spirt ? - 

 Entrepreneur – noun

1. a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.


Being a Jack of all trades and master of non ? 


  1. tough call, tough decisions, tough times. I have no answers, just many of the same questions, myself. good luck - you make gorgeous things, so it'll come good, I believe :)

  2. Do what inspires you most, and put 100% effort into it. Your eye for beauty is very keen, maybe you need to be doing something which indulges your sense of sight to the max. Colour, form, light shape are all quite obviously very important to you, and your passion and skill should be used to your advantage. There may be a recession, but for some this means more time at home. There are lots of people who'd like tips on transforming their home as you have.

  3. Rachel - Thank you for your comment and I wish you every success too xx

  4. Lucewoman - Thank you for your wonderful comment, I take heart from it. You would not be the first who has told me to go into home design, its a confidence issue for me, I am fine with my own home but taking money off people is a different story. xx

  5. Hey Karen,
    I'm also a Gemini and always feel happiest when I have my fingers in lots of pies...however not many of those pies tend to make it to the oven! I've never been a business woman or anything like that so don't feel qualified to comment but what I will say is that you have a fantastic eye for beautiful things, be it home wares, clothing or whatever...I'm sure whatever you choose to throw your time and effort into will be amazing. I would love it if you did do Milly by the Sea though, purely for the fact I think Row would suit your clothes! :) xx

  6. Oh Karen it's a difficult one, times are indeed hard for lots of us right now.

    I think you could probably for now anyway continue selling your wonderful designer clothes and along side that try your hand at your new venture connected to your fab new blog TheWhiteApproach as you haven't said what your new venture would entail I don't know exactly if you could do both. If you could then I would give it a go and see what happens...nothing ventured nothing gained. :-) x

    Btw If I had lots of money I would pay you to style my home x

  7. aww Carole - thank you for the lovely comment and I assure you I wouldn't charge lots anyway. xx

  8. It's a really difficult choice but I think that keeping your options open and doing as many of the things as possible is the way forward. I love the Milly by the Sea range as it's difficult to find nice dresses for girls once they are older than 8!!! I also agree with Carole that as soon as I get any money I'm gonna pay you to come and do up my shack!!! xxx

  9. I can hear you... I have too many ideas in my head as well, not enough hours in a day to complete them or to even start some of them.
    I am running a couple of projects at the moment and I decided to go for it...
    it would be a long story to write down here (if you want to know drop me an e mail) but I felt I have to take everything with me because it is such a chance...
    I would say: Go for the part where your heart is, the project you feel the most connected and the one you know you can do!
    Start with that and when you need a break spend time with the rest... I am saying that because you mentioned the money part and I think running lots if businesses but none 100% will not work out moneywise...you will not finish the dresses, not making new ones etc...
    oh my, tough one... but follow your heart!

  10. Hi Karen
    I know this Gemini brain well as I have one too. As I can no longer do my chosen career I drown myself in projects. 1 being similar to yours, in the same situation. Hard times. Also considering sleep mode.

  11. Have you tried selling on ETSY? Those are some cute clothes!

  12. Hi Ladies, thank you all for your kind and constructive comments. I will certainly give all you have said some thought.
    I am very fortunate that although I don't earn a lot of money, we are used to living on a tight budget so my husbands salary covers most of our outgoings. Once the holidays are over I will move forward.
    I think I could manag three projects, just need to organise myself better : ) xx

  13. I must have a Gemini mind too. My son has a t-shirt that says "There's always something new to fall in love with". That's me lol :) Easily distracted. Hope everything goes OK x x

  14. Hi Karen,
    Just catching up with my blog reading.
    I could have written your post! I face the same questions daily, if I'm not careful it can paralyse me.
    I think one thing to recognise is that the more projects you manage, the longer it takes to get anything done, so you have to set up more modest expectations.
    And the to do list is your friend!
    What I struggle with is having anyone to keep me focused and engaged in what I should be doing rather than the next new idea.
    Lets meet and talk soon, x



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