Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sea Band Giveaway


Many apologies for the delay in drawing the winners.

The winners picked at random by Jarvis are :

LucyRobinson - Child Sea Band
Hannah Batram - Adult Sea Band
Ness - Child Sea Band
Maria - Adult Sea Band
Sarahmumof3 Adult Sea Band

I am so sorry I only had 5 sets to give away and as there were only 11 combined entries (7 individuals)  I will contact the company and see if I can get two more so that everybody is a winner !

Many thanks for taking part and another giveaway will be coming soon.

Do you or members of your family suffer from feelings of nausea, travel or sea sickness ?  If so this weeks giveaway is for you.  I have two sets of the adults and two of the childrens to giveaway. 
The Sea-Band Story

The natural way to fight feelings of nausea.

The Sea-Band is an elastic wrist band, which applies pressure on the Nei Kuan acupressure point on the wrist. This is a natural, effective and drug free solution to alleviate even the worst feelings of nausea.

Sea-bands are clinically tested and proven to work for –

 Travel Sickness

 Morning Sickness

 Chemotherapy Induced Nausea

 Post Operative Nausea

How Do Sea-Bands Work?

The plastic stud on the inside of each Sea-Band applies acupressure to the Nei Kuan pressure point on the wrist. This naturally soothes the stomach and eases nausea.

Since Sea-Bands are all natural and drug-free, they can be worn at any time by anyone with no adverse side effects (making them especially useful for ladies suffering with morning sickness).

Sea-Band Features

The only clinically tested wristband

No drugs, no side effects

The natural alternative to drugs

Used by doctors and in hospitals

How to wear Sea-Bands Place your middle fingers on the inside of your wrist with the edge of your third finger at the bottom of your hand, at the crease of your wrist. Underneath your middle finger, you will find the Nei Kuan pressure point, in between two wrist tendons. You will be able to feel it by pressing down in this spot. Place the Sea-Band on your wrist, with the plastic stud toward your skin on the Nei Kuan pressure point. Do the same with the other wrist band. Both Sea-Band wrist bands must be worn at the same time for them to be effective.

You should begin to feel relief within five minutes. If nausea worsens, apply pressure with your finger to the plastic stud.

* I was given the seabands for the purpose of this giveaway. I was not paid for this post.

To enter the giveaway :

Leave a comment below telling me who in your family could benefit from the Sea Bands.

For an additional entry pop over and like the Sea Band Facebook page (don't forget to leave a comment so we know you have visited them).

Open to UK residents only I'm afraid

Giveaway ends on Monday 12th March at 8.00pm

Winners selected at random

Thanks and good luck


  1. I would give these to my nephew who is 6 and has just started to get travel sick.

  2. I would love to try the Sea Band as I get dreadful travel sickness!

  3. I have liked the Sea Band facebook page as Hannah Bartram.

  4. My stepdaughter would be able to use this as she hates travelling in the car.


  5. I like Sea Band FB page. Ness Gorton


  6. my niece suffers from travel sickness ... it would be lovely to be able to help her :)

  7. ooh just seen that they help with morning sickness too ... 2 of my sisters in law are pregnant and feeling very sick
    Maria x

  8. I've just developed travel sickness over the last year or so, therefore it would be for me! :)

  9. I would ove to try these my other half gets terrible travel sickness and my daughter so would be ideal to give these a go x

  10. have lied the facebook page too x

  11. I would give it to my sister whi gets travel sickness every time she rides in a car and now had to depends on tablet..



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